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Astrid's playlist

So. I made one on mixpod, but I fail with embed codes. *sadface*
Here's hoping it doesn't fail me, which it probably will. In case of this, here's my song list. I'll add links later. lawwwwl EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ADDING LINKS LATER ACTUALLY MEANS NEVER

Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
I Won't Back Down - And the Heartbreakers (originally Tom Petty)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
Fist City - Loretta Lynn
Bonus Track: Astrid Goes For a Spin - John Powell

ooc contact post

Not that I have much of an idea what I'm doing here, but hey, first time for everything. If you'd like to contact me about rping with Astrid, here's the place.


how's my driving?

So, I sometimes (READ: NEARLY ALWAYS) feel as though I don't do this character justice. Any thoughts, critic or advice are welcome- I can't guarantee I'll be able to do everything suggested, but I'll certainly listen. All comments are screened.


❦ basics
name: Astrid Hofferson
age: 15. I think.
Gender: Female
Movie/series: How To Train Your Dragon (movie)
year or position: 9th Grade
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): n/a
Powers(if any): n/a Unless you count an almost insane amount of axe throwing SKILLZ.

❦ In depth:
Astrid is very focused on her studies, single-mindedly determined to be the best dragon slaying youth in her village. She prides herself on her battle skills and loves getting her hands dirty. When she’s focused, there is little that can sway her and the same holds for her firm opinions.
She’s a really fierce competitor, and never backs down from a challenge- her stubbornness and pride wouldn’t allow it. Even though she loves being in charge and is wholly confident in her skills- perhaps a little overconfident- Astrid is still respectful to her elders and teachers, ready and willing to listen and learn. She sucks up all information like a sponge and then quickly and efficiently puts it into practise, preferring action to sitting around- although, she believes it’s best to be prepared; spontaneity isn’t her strong point.
Astrid isn’t very skilled socially, preferring to be left to her own devices- but not in a shy way, oh no, she'll effortlessly speak her mind whenever it's neccesary. Easily angered and rather brazen and unabashed in her actions, Astrid is still a very loyal companion, willing to fight for her friends and whatever she believes in or wants. When swept up in such a cause, she becomes passionate and enthusiastic.
Although she keeps to herself most of the time, she can still deal with being in a team if she must, and is always up for some fun and adventure. The friendlier side of her personality has been seen far more often since she has become closer to Hiccup, although she retains her stubbornness.
Canon Background: http://howtotrainyourdragon.wikia.com/wiki/Astrid eh, sorry, lazy. XD
AU Background: Canon info remains the same. After the battle with Red Death, a strange dark mist began to appear on the horizon, clearly visible from Astrid's home in the village. All of the viking's who went to investigate disappeared, and the mist continued to advance...
Shortly after, Astrid received a letter requesting she attend an academy which seemed to have information on the mist... Not surprised at all that she would be chosen, Astrid didn't hesitate to accept the invitation, both curious for answers and adventure.
After arriving at the school, Astrid was recruited to help evactuate the people of Berk. She returned for a short while and then left once again to continue helping with evacuations. Now, she is returning for a third time to Disney Academy.
(No, I didn't play her the other two times... newbie here.)

http://m.howtotrainyourdragon.com/images/profiles/320/Astrid.jpg This is what she lives in. XD As for her uniform, she hates the jackets and quite often wears long socks under her skirt and hope they remain unnoticed. She likes socks. She's also currently still looking for a good way to hide her axe under there. :I Oh, and good luck getting her to stop wearing the skull-belt thingy.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Classes: Martial Arts and Swordsmanship, Wilderness Survival, Marksmanship, Track and Field, Seamanship 101, Leadership Skills, Theatrical Theory. Plus that other class of Helga's.
Clubs: Weapons Club.
Best Subject: Her strongest would probably be "Wilderness Survival", but she loves "Marksmanship".
Greatest Fear: Astrid’s greatest fear is that of being underestimated and unappreciated. She fights to remain noticed and special, attempting to be the best at everything she can, while simultaneously avoiding unneccesary contact with others- she doesn't like to get emotionally attached, it seems. As a female Viking without a father, she was expected to be weaker than the others, unlearned and someone to be brushed aside- this lack of attention and expectation both terrified and angered her from a young age, and she doesn’t wish to experience it again.
How long have they been at the school(remember this school is from kindergarten on): Yikes. Uh. When where the other Astrid's here? I'm going to say this is her first year. She's been back and forth a lot.
Relationships with other characters:
Hiccup- VUSYAGBU PFFFFT Let's not.
Helga- She admires her. Almost obsessively.
Dave- Nobody she enjoys bullying more, but she doesn't really dislike him.
Rameses- She's really not sure what to make of him yet.
Elisa- Someone she can trust.
Tulio- You're kind of a dork. But you're okay. xD
Axel- You frustrate her beyond reason.
Kuzco- Hate. Haaaaate.
Rapunzel- She sees her as a bit of a protege, and a pretty good friend.
Jim- Snark buddies! 8D
Xigbar- The pirate guy.

❦ Permissions
Go for it.
Injuries: Perfectly fine.
UH, no thanks :)
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: Possibly, ask me about it.